Lotteries and Gaming Services


We sensitize the public on the gaming industry, empowering them with the tools to better understand the law regulating the industry, the Lotteries and Gaming Act 2016.  To enable all parties involved in the industry to operate within the law.


We provide Feasibility and Marketing Studies customized for each client’s interests, which entail unbiased, credible projections and estimates for gaming projects and their

viability in the specified market. Our studies demonstrate among-est others; current market analysis, a brief on competition, anticipated market potential, evaluation various market plan or strategies and finally an assessment of the any projected difficulties in the specified market.The Studies are tailored made to meet the needs of new multi-million dollar companies and for small gaming floor expansion existing in the market.


We have a Robust IT Team with Certified Credentials facilitate payment integrations, monitoring and evaluating of our client’s online operations. Our IT Team has been known to develop mobile applications including digital mobile wallets, payment gateways and many other sophisticated IT projects.


LGM, with Partners in the legal profession and a wealth in gaming related policies and regulation, we offer our private sector clients unbiased and non-partisan advise on how to comply with government policies and regulations in the industry, while refining them on various ways in which they may minimize liability and negative social effects while running a legalized operation. We would also endeavor to impart on our private sector clients a better understanding of the critical interplay between themselves and the governmental agencies. For the Public sector, we advise on how best to refine the laws, regulations and policies already in effect in the Industry to ensure effective regulation of the ever changing and dynamic climate the Gaming industry thrives under. We also offer advise on how to gap any lope holes in legislation affecting the Gaming Industry. We endeavor to engage ourselves in working hand in hand with legislators and regulators to ensure all-inclusive and representative legislation are passed.


State Regulatory Bodies utilize our services to ensure that license applicants are thoroughly vetted to establish their suitability to function under the licence applied for. Similarly, the new private sector companies seeking to enter into new market, utilize our in depth background investigations to guarantee that the persons they are partnering with raise no red flags that may impact their licence applications.   With the vast bandwidth of networks we have created in the Industry and various Governmental Agencies, we assure our clients of thorough and incorruptible service.


The growth of the gaming industry in Uganda has subsequently led to the growth in the number of punters addicted to gambling. LGM, has a team specialized to conduct counseling sessions and a psychiatrist to treat and monitor punters unfavorably affected by the gaming industry.


We offer advice to new companies on the legal requirements for obtaining a license. We further offer the client an induction into the ins and outs of the market, to enable the interested parties to make an informed decision and gain an overview of where best to invest.


We provide accountancy services to enable gaming companies keep books of accountancy and filing weekly tax returns on our client’s behalf. This enables mitigate any risks as weekly tax returns are a requirement under the law.


With vast and diverse connections in various Government Agencies, we work tirelessly to ensure that our client’s interests are well represented in the specific Government Agencies. We also may act as a liaison between the client and the specific government agency in accordance with the client’s needs.


Lotteries and Gaming Management Laboratories has been trained by the best in testing and certifying gaming devices and systems as a major part of what we do, our company offers so much more inclusive pre-compliance testing services. These involve working collaboratively with developers to test software prior to being submitted for approval and certification, the rationale is to detect functional and compliance issues. We have gone further a head to have a central monitoring system to ensure that money that enters slot machines is seen, inclusive of the pay outs. The rationale is to increase the tax revenue base for economics and also the companies to be able to have real time information.


We have selected for you only quality bookmaker houses, which have proven to be the loyal partners of their customers. You can be certain that on each of these websites you will get the right attitude and quality service.


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LGM’s standard is to test, inspect, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards published by gaming regulatory boards. LGM is in partnership with experts and regulatory boards to ensure that the standards are met.


We Validate your business model as a  crucial part of starting your company. By testing a simple hypotheses countless of hours and resources saved. Lotteries and gaming Management invest a few minutes to understand this new approach to entrepreneurship, we are confident  it will change your life.


With seasoned customer care agents, our centralized call center offers support and information inquiries in regard to services we offer and any gaming related inquiries from the general public to enhance customer experience. Our Call Center shall further accommodate the lodging of complaints and enable addicts access the care and counselling they need.


We are very excited to bring all these top international pundits to provide their expert analysis to all our viewers.


We work in partnership with all the major Banks in the Uganda and the Uganda Gaming Board

  • Standalone in-house solutions: Occasionally a need can be fully met by implementing a partner’s technology as a standalone platform.
  • Integrated in-house solutions: For larger banks, solutions will be hosted in-house. For smaller banks this may be a SaaS solution.
  • White label solutions: At times banks may outsource to a Lotteries and Gaming’s partner. The partner takes full responsibility for technology and operations.
  • Full Outsourcing: Not all services are customer-facing. Internal services, or areas not a core competency for a bank, may be outsourced to a Lotteries and Gaming provider.  In this case, there is a clear contractual division between bank and partner.
  • Apps and Add-ins: Some banks have an app-oriented approach to customer experience. In this case, the opportunity for Lotteries and Gaming is clear. They may be iOS or Android apps or widgets.
    LOTTERIES AND GAMING is a leading one of a kind firm in East, West and Central Africa providing consultancy services in the Gaming Industry in the Uganda. We specialize in company formation and registration for foreign gaming companies that are seeking to enter into the African Market.
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